Jack the Dog and Ian the Human

Sorry It’s been a while, but I’m back!

Now, for those of you who religiously follow my site (for some unknown reason), have any of you ever been to Lost Creek, WV. ?  If you said yes, I’m sure you know that there is a dog breeder there.  If you said no, it’s between Summersville and Morgantown, and there’s a dog breeder up there.  She breeds Poodles…… Poodles…. /:|…… Poodles.  Can you guess what type of dog we bought (Poodles)?  Yeah, a Poodle.  The dog breed I wanted was an Alaskan Malamute, (If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a Siberian Husky on steroids) but my Mama wouldn’t have one of those in our house if they were the only breed on Earth.  She says they, ” Shed too much.” and they’re, “too huge.”. Well, I kinda have to agree to that last one, They’re HUGE!!!!!!!  

Well, we named our Poodle Jack.  He is currently around 6 months old, 50 pounds, (don’t say he’s fat, he’s a big breed) and ugly.  He’s not elephant-man ugly, but he ain’t pretty.  Now I’m going to stop you right there, because if you think we cut his hair like you see in the dog shows or movies, you are SADLY mistaken.


This is what he looks like!


      Yep, that’s him.  He came from a litter of 7 puppies, 2 girls and 5 boys. I wanted his brother, because he had a white stripe on his chest and Jack doesn’t.  Now, Jack is different from all other dogs my mom has had, for one reason.  He loves water!!  We walk him out a road, near our house, that has a creek that follows it, and he loves that thing!!  When we take him to the lake, he is going to pop like a brown balloon.

     Oh yeah, 6 months old, he got back from the vet just yesterday and he was…ah… missing a few things, if you know what I mean…….uugghh.  By the way, do you remember my earlier post, life with Petie?  Yeah, Petie hates his Poodle guts!  They used to (what we would call)” yell fight” every other day.  That used to be a regular thing around here, but it’s died down some. Some. Petie is……ah….. tolerant of jack when he is calm, but when jack is all, HYPER JITTERY, HYPER JITTERY, HYPER JITTERY!!!!  Petie could slit his throat, and dance on his grave.  OK, I guess that was a little harsh, but Petie still hates him.

I guess what I’m saying is, even though we didn’t get Malamute, Jack is awesome!!!!


Lego City

Now I’m sure all of you have hobbies.  I know I do.  Mine is building with Lego blocks.  Ever since I was a little kid I’ve spent my bored time building with them.  I’ve built all sorts of things.  Little helicopters with spinning blades, boats with sails, missile carrying army trucks, I’ve even built a cage for my dog (which was hard ’cause my dog wouldn’t stay still).  One of the hardest things I’ve ever built was a, much smaller, Eiffel Tower.  It was hard because I couldn’t keep up the legs.

I get good comments on my creations from my parents but I don’t know about anyone else.  I think I do well, but I’m not saying I can build an exact replica of the Empire State building, but I still think I do good.  Tell me, do you think I did good on my own tower (which is almost 6 feet tall!)?

If you said yes, than thank you very much.  I always knew I had talent.  I guess I got my skill from my dad. He can build things better than I can!!  He built a smaller version of the floor plan of our new house in only 20 minutes!! That’s half the time it would have taken me.  If you said it’s OK, tell me what I can do, I have plenty more blocks.  Trust me, I bet I’ve got at least 700 more blocks.

If you said no, that’s your problem, jerk.

The (After Christmas) B-day Boy, Yay, or Boooo?

     Well, Christmas is over and it’s almost time for a new year.  It’s also almost time for something else big too.  My b-day (:D!!!!  Who isn’t pumped for their b-day?  My big day this year is on Sun. 1/8/2012.  A birthday on a Sunday, cool!  I was due on the first of Jan. but I was late.  I guess it’s ok to have a birthday close to Christmas, but your parents spend more money on you at one time and you get less presents.

     My birthday is at the same time as a famous (and now dead) musical singer ( We weren’t born in the same year{Of course}).  If you don’t know who he is, then I’m not telling.  I kinda wish that I was born a year earlier ’cause almost all of the kids in my old (If you want to know want I mean, then go to my Home-schooling post) class are older than me.  That sucks.  Plus the fact that some people ( not saying any names) in my (old) class were left back. 

     One thing my parents say to me every year is, “If you don’t get what you want for Christmas, your birthday is 2 weeks later.”  They’re serious, my b-day is always exactly 2 weeks after Christmas,weird.  But, I don’t care, my birthday rocks!!

Guitar Lord

     It was a regular day when Mom said that I needed to take guitar lessons.  At first I didn’t agree to this.  I didn’t even know where to start.  Where would I get a guitar, how much would one cost, how much would the lessons cost, where would I even get the lessons?  Well, she had an answer for every one of my questions (For those of you who don’t own a guitar and you want to buy one, have a ton a money, trust me.)  The first guitar I bought was a cheapy, $60 one (Which was nothing in price compared to other guitars) that wasn’t very attractive.

     Not long after I got that guitar, my mom got me a better one.  It wasn’t all that expensive, but it was better.  I like it a lot more than my old guitar.  It definitely sounds better than my old one too.  Then, not long after that, Mom got her own guitar as an “early Christmas present”, so to speak.  She rocks!!  She can play the beginning of that Pink Floyd song, Wish You Were Here.  I hope you adults know that song (which you should).  She can also play the whole song of Into Dust.  I can already play Joy to The World and Silent Night.  I would recommend that if you start guitar, start slow and steady, don’t get flustered, get a cheap guitar at first, and have strong fingers.  I learned one important thing on the guitar, most of the work is on the fret board ( A fret is what you hold to make different sounds when you strum the string).  I’ll tell you, holding those strings hurts!!

     After a while, you develop callouses, which is where your finger tips get all hard and stuff. 

     Truthfully, guitar rocks!!!!

How I Wish it Was Chritmas

     It’s the most  wonderful ti-me of the year-r!  And my head’s about to POP like a ballo-on!!  I’m sure everyone is saying over and over again, ” What did I get for Xmas?!?! ”  Well, so am I!  I have 8 presents under the tree and it’s driving me crazy!  I know that doesn’t seem like much but I have a birthday 2 weeks later, so, you know.   The presents better be good.  I’ve been waiting a long time for them.  I know what one of them is ’cause I was with my mom when she bought it, but so I couldn’t open it, she stuck another game in with it. Wat up wit ‘dat?

     I also have a huge present that irks my soul.  It’s not that it’s huge, but it’s big enough!  Plus, she lied to me!   She said all of my presents were at my dad’s work building when really, they were 10ft from my bedroom in her closet!!!!!!  That’s just cruel, ain’t I right?  But, I’m getting her back because I’ve got her presents (can’t say how many*)(sorry!)  She’s going crazy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Sorry, that was unecessary.  But still, you get the point.  We’ve also got Dad –  presents (*)(sorry, AGAIN!!) 

     The tree we got is smaller than what we normally get.  I not saying it’s much smaller, but it is small.  You should see how many ornaments we have.  There’s enough to cover a Redwood!!


     Ok, I exaggerated a little bit, but still!!

     The point is, I hope that Christmas isn’t too far off!  I hope you have a merry Christmas!  And a ha-appy-y, new-w YEAR!!!

Hi Evel….. O My Gosh, What Happened?!?!

     It was a normal Tuesday, I was done with school, and we were just about to leave for guitar lessons……. when the phone rang.  It was my sister’s school.  I knew who it was, but I didn’t know what they were saying (yet).  What got me worried was when Mom said, ” She cried?”.  Then I was following her like a lost puppy to find out who cried and why.  What happened might shock you.  Some kid in her class scratched her cheek!  Then, she put her head forward (that’s what she does when her feelings get hurt) and he got her again on the neck!  

     Like I said, she cried, and she’s not a big crier.  If that kid’s mother would have been there, well, I’d need your help with Mom’s bail money, if you know what I mean.  Heck, she almost cracked anyway.  This isn’t the first time he got her.  It’s the second.  When he got her the first time he got her, it was on the same cheek just like the second time.  Wat up wit ‘dat?  I guess he doesn’t like the left cheek.  The neck is new though.  The kid that scratched her is disabled like her but I don’t care.  If he does it again I’m giving him and his mom a piece of my mind.  If that was me who got scratched, I would have flattened him.  I know that seems like it’s kinda harsh, but like I said, it’s the second time, so you see where I’m coming from. 

     Anyway she’s fine now, and my mom’s anger ratios went from 100/100 to 60/100.  So she’s a little better.  But I’m serious, kid who hurt my sister, WATCH OUT. I’ll be coming for you if it ever happens again.

Life With Petie

     Most of you probably have a pet of some kind.  Mine is a dog.  You might think he is a big dog.  If you do, you’re sadly mistaken.  He’s the smallest breed of dog, a Chihuahua.  Not only is he small, but he’s OLD–10 years old! (that’s good for a dog.)  We got him when I was only 2 years old.  He was the runt of the litter.  I think that’s why Mom got him.  He’s so cute, just look at him.

     For some reason he HATES boys (except me) and loves girls.  I first found that out when a friend of mine (who’s a boy) came over for a while.  He suddenly turned on him and bit his finger.  But on girls, he’s as sweet as they come.  What up wit ‘dat?  Speaking of biting, I’ll never forget the worst injury he ever gave me.  We were messing around in the kitchen when out of nowhere, he bit me so hard that it put a hole in my foot.  It hurt so bad!!!!  I don’t know why he did it.  My guess, he was just playing with me.  It still hurt.

    The one person who would miss him most is Evelyn, my sister.  Every day she gets those Beggin’ Strips and feeds them to him.  She thinks it’s very amusing.  She also gives him fries, popcorn, pretzels, and chips.

     When I do my work, he comes and gets in the chair next to me and keeps me company (at least, I hope that’s why.)  Even if some people don’t like him, I think he’s awesome